Documents & Regulations

Traveling & relocating internationally with pets require operating under strict rules and regulations enforced by both countries of departure and country of destination. Nowadays policies are frequently added or updated thus requires a professional and specialized support in order to ensure you a peace of mind while travelling.


Handling forms & regulations is a critical stage for every pet owner. In order to fill out all the forms properly and on schedule one needs to know all the relevant details for both countries of departure and destination. For example: knowing the minimum age that a dog has to be in order to enter a certain country or how to get access to a specific governmental form etc.

We, the American Pet Flight company, have developed the most advanced worldwide database – with 100% accuracy. Relying on our latest development, we are able to provide you a shipping documentation package that is specifically tailored for every country on the globe. Our flight experts will provide you with all the information you need, from the A to Z in order to make sure your pet is prepared for a hassle-free journey. Leave the paper work to professionals! You deserve to fly with your pets or ship them abroad with the peace of mind knowing that your documentation affairs are taken care of by professionals.

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