We offer a Special Service for People with Special Needs: Emotional Support Animal, Fly with pets in cabin.


Uship Pet Transport is prepared to assist people that suffer from physical and / or emotional disabilities by helping them travel with their pets as an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL.

We provide assistance to pet owners from all over the world!

There are many airline carriers that do not allow pets in cabin or allow pets on board only if the pet weights no more than 8 kilograms (including the flight kennel) – most pet owners do not get to fly with their pets. Now Terminal4Pets has an exclusive solution.

Having studied the material relevant for Emotional Support Animal, our pet flight team is prepared to assist you should you choose (or need) to travel together with your pet.

We offer you legal advice, in order to assist you with the documentations, regulations at every country to represent you and negotiate on your behalf with all airline carriers, ground handling companies, shuttle services and every other operator involved in your travel plans.

You don’t have to travel alone – your pet can accompany you.

You don’t have to deal with the challenges on your own – we can help.