Pet Cargo Services

Pet Cargo services are needed most when shipping pets into countries that require pet importation via cargo only (countries such as Australia, South Africa, UK, Singapore and others)

Pet cargo service is also demanded by pet owners who are not able to fly with their pets, owners that are unable to ship big breeds on a commercial flight (due to weight limitations) or when flying to a destination to which airlines do not fly pets.

Our Pet Cargo service includes:

Locating the best cargo operator with the most pet-tolerant policy and negotiating on your behalf. Coordinating the cargo shipment with all the necessary procedures such as:

  • ¬†Ground transportations to/from the airports
  • Kenneling
  • Customs Clearance at departure and arrival points
  • Diverse ground services at the airports.
  • Veterinarian consultation relevant to the flight process (treatments, vaccinations, pet passports etc..)
  • Veterinarian support relevant to relocating a pet to a new environment.
  • Forms and regulations needed to ship pets at a global level.
  • Assistance with the bureaucracy.