Veterinarian Support

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We were established by veterinarian with over 2 decades of experience in the pet imports and exports niche. Our main goal is to provide you with a humane, safe and convenient pet flight services.

When traveling abroad with pets, it is mandatory to visit a veterinarian for flight related issues such as vaccinations, microchips, health certificates etc. But for those of you who wish to travel with “a pet at risk” (in other words: puppies, senior pets and/or pets with special health conditions), veterinary support is crucial.

One of our flight veterinarians will be appointed to your case and he will observe your pets health. You will be given a thorough report with conclusions containing all the medical procedures that are required (preventive treatments, vaccinations, diet, kennel training etc.). Our report will also include general flight guidance such as: preferable flight route, airlines that reach your destination and maintain a pet friendly policy and more.

Should you need a vet to accompany you throughout the flight or meet you at the airport to examine your pet and provide medication – we will be more than willing to appoint one. Should your pet need medical attention upon arrival at the final destination or during overnight stops, we will be able to coordinate that within so much as a three days notice.

Our flight veterinarians will be at your service to consult, coordinate and monitor your pet 24-7 at every international airport worldwide.

Special benefits for pet owners traveling to and from America with us:

  • Pet owners departing from Israel are entitled to a pre-flight check and all vaccinations needed to ship their pet abroad – free of charge
  • Pet owners arriving in Israel are entitled to a post-flight veterinary check
  • Also, we provide free veterinarian support to our clients abroad